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better late than never


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better late than never
     1. adv. It's better to do something late, than to never do it at all.
     1. adj. comparative form of good: more good
     2. adj. comparative form of well: more well
     3. adj. Greater in amount or quantity
     4. adv. comparative form of well: more well
     5. adv. More, in reference to value, distance, time, etc.
     1. adj. Near the end of a period of time.
           It was late in the evening when we finally arrived.
     2. adj. Specifically, near the end of the day.
           It was getting late and I was tired.
     3. adj. (usually not used comparatively) Associated with the end of a period.
     1. conj. (obsolete, outside, dialects, usually used with for) Because; for.
     2. conj. Used in comparisons, to introduce the basis of comparison.
           she's taller than I am;  she found his advice more witty than helpful;  we have less work today than we had yesterday;  it's bigger than I thought it was
     3. prep. introduces a comparison, and is associated with comparatives, and with words such as more, less, and fewer. Typically, it seeks to measure the force of an adjective or similar description between two
           Patients diagnosed more recently are probably surviving an average of longer than two years.
     1. adv. At no time; on no occasion; in no circumstance.
           I finally finished, and I never want to do that again.
           I repeated the test a hundred times, and never saw a positive result.
           I will never tell.
     2. adv. Not at any other time; not on any other occasion; not previously.

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But better late than never

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