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hold on


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hold on
     1. v. To grasp or grip firmly.
           Hold on tightly to the railing.
     2. v. To keep; to store something for someone.
           Hold on to my umbrella while I ride the roller coaster.
     3. v. Wait a short while.
           Hold on while I get my coat.
     4. v. To remain loyal.
           He didn't give up his fandom when others did; he held on.
     5. v. To persist.
     1. v. To grasp or grip.
           Hold the pencil like this.
     2. v. To contain or store.
           This package holds six bottles.
     3. v. To maintain or keep to a position or state.:
     1. adj. In the state of being active, functioning or operating.
     2. adj. Performing according to schedule.
           Are we still on for tonight?
           Is the show still on?
     3. adj. (chiefly UK, informal, usually negative) Acceptable, appropriate.

Example Sentences

Well, I guess I wasn't very confident that I could hold on to you. 
It was like you had some hypnotic hold on him. 
Hold on there, we ain't fags. 
But the American hold on the city always appeared tenuous. 
You hold on like a mongoose! 

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