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Welcome to our daily crossword, Level 3. You can play the crossword from this page or print it. When the flashing cursor is green, typing fills in the answers of the crossword across, when it is blue, typing fills in words down. Click the cursor again to change the direction, or select a clue to set the cursor. Click the grid on the bottom for accented letters.

No. 2452


1To want; to wish for earnestly
4Mud or fine earth deposited from running or standing water
8A steam-powered, or any, heavy road roller
9A person who can't stop doing something, especially taking a harmful drug
11A violation of a religious law
13A male sheep
14Literature comprising poems
16A water-soluble pigment, or painting made by using such pigment
18Fat from the abdomen of a pig, especially as prepared for use in cooking
19Each of the four divisions of a year: spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter
To flavour food with spices, herbs or salt
1A period of time at the end of day when the sun is below the horizon but before the full onset of night, especially the darker part of twilight
2A device that indicates the current speed of a vehicle
3An edge around something, especially when circular
5Admired, distinguished, respected, or well-known
6A group of people crowded or gathered closely together; a multitude
7To move through by pushing and shoving
10Containing undesired contaminants
12A mason’s tool, used in spreading and dressing mortar, and breaking bricks to shape them
15A metal, often black in color, that rusts, is attracted by magnets, and is used in making steel
17Rock containing metals

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