Conjugation of aller

Common conjugations for the French verb aller, and their English translations.

allerto go

Present Indicative
je vaisI go
tu vasyou go
il vahe goes
elle vashe goes
nous allonswe go
vous allezyou (formal) go
ils vontthey go
elles vontthey go

Imperfect Indicative
j'allaisI was going
tu allaisyou were going
il allaithe was going
elle allaitshe was going
nous allionswe were going
vous alliezyou (formal) were going
ils allaientthey were going
elles allaientthey were going

Passé Composé
je suis alléI have gone
tu es alléyou have gone
il est alléhe has gone
elle est alléeshe has gone
nous sommes alléwe have gone
vous êtes alléyou (formal) have gone
ils sont allésthey have gone
elles sont alléesthey have gone

Future Indicative
j'iraiI will go
tu irasyou will go
il irahe will go
elle irashe will go
nous ironswe will go
vous irezyou (formal) will go
ils irontthey will go
elles irontthey will go

j'iraisI would go
tu iraisyou would go
il iraithe would go
elle iraitshe would go
nous irionswe would go
vous iriezyou (formal) would go
ils iraientthey would go
elles iraientthey would go

Present Subjunctive
j'aille(... that) I go
tu ailles(... that) you go
il aille(... that) he goes
elle aille(... that) she goes
nous allions(... that) we go
vous alliez(... that) you (formal) go
ils aillent(... that) they go
elles aillent(... that) they go

va Go!
allonsLet's go!
allez Go! (pl)

Present Participle
allant going

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