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tenir tête à


     1. v. to have; to hold
     2. v. to keep
     3. v. (intransitive) to stay; to hold
     4. v. (reflexive, uncommon) to hold on
           Elle descend en se tenant aux racines. - She comes down using the roots for handles (holding on to the roots).
     1. n. head (part of the body)
           J'ai mal à la tête - I have a headache
     2. n. head (leader)
     3. n. (soccer) header
     4. n. (colloquial) a bright spark, a quick study
     1. Letter. A with grave accent, a letter used in French mostly to distinguish some homographs and in transliteration.
     2. prep. to (destination)
           Je vais à Paris. - I am going to Paris.
           aller au bout - go to the end / go all the way
     3. prep. to (until)

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