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French Vocabulary

Set 1

If you're new to French this is the page to start with on Lexis Rex. Below is a small set of words to begin learning, go through the set and each day learn two or three or more new words. Once you know a handful of words, you can start playing our games to reinforce your familiarity with them and start building your vocabulary and game scores. When you have learnt the whole set, there are 9 more Beginner sets to continue with, or you can try out the Intermediate games.

English French Pronounce Images
bird oiseaupronunciationoiseau
one unpronunciation
three troispronunciation
two deuxpronunciation
face visagepronunciationvisage
hand mainpronunciationmain
head têtepronunciationtête
heart cœurpronunciationcœur
door portepronunciationporte
home maisonpronunciationmaison
light lumièrepronunciationlumière
car voiturepronunciationvoiture
shirt chemisepronunciationchemise
to drink boirepronunciationboire
to eat mangerpronunciationmanger
to hold tenirpronunciationtenir
to listen écouterpronunciationécouter
to look regarderpronunciationregarder
to run courirpronunciationcourir
to talk parlerpronunciationparler
to turn tournerpronunciationtourner
river rivièrepronunciationrivière
boy garçonpronunciationgarçon
father pèrepronunciationpère
friend amipronunciationami
girl fillepronunciationfille
man hommepronunciationhomme
mother mèrepronunciationmère
son filspronunciationfils
woman femmepronunciationfemme
book livrepronunciationlivre
school écolepronunciationécole
Monday lundipronunciation
Tuesday mardipronunciation


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