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Conjugation of allumer

Common conjugations for the French verb allumer, and their English translations.

allumerto light

Present Indicative
j'allumeI light
tu allumesyou light
il allumehe lights
elle allumeshe lights
nous allumonswe light
vous allumezyou (formal) light
ils allumentthey light
elles allumentthey light

Imperfect Indicative
j'allumaisI was lighting
tu allumaisyou were lighting
il allumaithe was lighting
elle allumaitshe was lighting
nous allumionswe were lighting
vous allumiezyou (formal) were lighting
ils allumaientthey were lighting
elles allumaientthey were lighting

Passé Composé
j'ai alluméI have lit
tu as alluméyou have lit
il a alluméhe has lit
elle a alluméshe has lit
nous avons alluméwe have lit
vous avez alluméyou (formal) have lit
ils ont alluméthey have lit
elles ont alluméthey have lit

Future Indicative
j'allumeraiI will light
tu allumerasyou will light
il allumerahe will light
elle allumerashe will light
nous allumeronswe will light
vous allumerezyou (formal) will light
ils allumerontthey will light
elles allumerontthey will light

j'allumeraisI would light
tu allumeraisyou would light
il allumeraithe would light
elle allumeraitshe would light
nous allumerionswe would light
vous allumeriezyou (formal) would light
ils allumeraientthey would light
elles allumeraientthey would light

Present Subjunctive
j'allume(... that) I light
tu allumes(... that) you light
il allume(... that) he lights
elle allume(... that) she lights
nous allumions(... that) we light
vous allumiez(... that) you (formal) light
ils allument(... that) they light
elles allument(... that) they light

allume Light!
allumonsLet's light!
allumez Light! (pl)

Present Participle
allumant lighting

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