Conjugation of apporter

Common conjugations for the French verb apporter, and their English translations.

apporterto bring

Present Indicative
j'apporteI bring
tu apportesyou bring
il apportehe brings
elle apporteshe brings
nous apportonswe bring
ils apportentthey bring
elles apportentthey bring

Imperfect Indicative
j'apportaisI was bringing
tu apportaisyou were bringing
il apportaithe was bringing
elle apportaitshe was bringing
nous apportionswe were bringing
vous apportiezyou (formal) were bringing
ils apportaientthey were bringing
elles apportaientthey were bringing

Passé Composé
j'ai apportéI have brought
tu as apportéyou have brought
il a apportéhe has brought
elle a apportéshe has brought
nous avons apportéwe have brought
vous avez apportéyou (formal) have brought
ils ont apportéthey have brought
elles ont apportéthey have brought

Future Indicative
j'apporteraiI will bring
tu apporterasyou will bring
il apporterahe will bring
elle apporterashe will bring
nous apporteronswe will bring
vous apporterezyou (formal) will bring
ils apporterontthey will bring
elles apporterontthey will bring

j'apporteraisI would bring
tu apporteraisyou would bring
il apporteraithe would bring
elle apporteraitshe would bring
nous apporterionswe would bring
vous apporteriezyou (formal) would bring
ils apporteraientthey would bring
elles apporteraientthey would bring

Present Subjunctive
j'apporte(... that) I bring
tu apportes(... that) you bring
il apporte(... that) he brings
elle apporte(... that) she brings
nous apportions(... that) we bring
vous apportiez(... that) you (formal) bring
ils apportent(... that) they bring
elles apportent(... that) they bring

apporte Bring!
apportonsLet's bring!
apportez Bring! (pl)

Present Participle
apportant bringing

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