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Conjugation of attendre

Common conjugations for the French verb attendre, and their English translations.

attendreto wait

Present Indicative
j'attendsI wait
tu attendsyou wait
il attendhe waits
elle attendshe waits
nous attendonswe wait
vous attendezyou wait
ils attendentthey wait
elles attendentthey wait

Imperfect Indicative
j'attendaisI was waiting
tu attendaisyou were waiting
il attendaithe was waiting
elle attendaitshe was waiting
nous attendionswe were waiting
vous attendiezyou were waiting
ils attendaientthey were waiting
elles attendaientthey were waiting

Past Historic
j'ai attenduI waited
tu as attenduyou waited
il a attenduhe waited
elle a attendushe waited
nous avons attenduwe waited
vous avez attenduyou waited
ils ont attenduthey waited
elles ont attenduthey waited

Future Indicative
j'attendraiI will wait
tu attendrasyou will wait
il attendrahe will wait
elle attendrashe will wait
nous attendronswe will wait
vous attendrezyou will wait
ils attendrontthey will wait
elles attendrontthey will wait

j'attendraisI would wait
tu attendraisyou would wait
il attendraithe would wait
elle attendraitshe would wait
nous attendrionswe would wait
vous attendriezyou would wait
ils attendraientthey would wait
elles attendraientthey would wait

Present Subjunctive
(... que) j'attende(... that) I wait
(... que) tu attendes(... that) you wait
(... que) il attende(... that) he waits
(... que) elle attende(... that) she waits
(... que) nous attendions(... that) we wait
(... que) vous attendiez(... that) you wait
(... que) ils attendent(... that) they wait
(... que) elles attendent(... that) they wait

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) j'attendisse(... that) I was waiting
(... que) tu attendisses(... that) you were waiting
(... que) il attendît(... that) he was waiting
(... que) elle attendît(... that) she was waiting
(... que) nous attendissions(... that) we were waiting
(... que) vous attendissiez(... that) you were waiting
(... que) ils attendissent(... that) they were waiting
(... que) elles attendissent(... that) they were waiting

attends Wait!
attendonsLet's wait!
attendez Wait! (pl)

Present Participle
attendant waiting

Past Participle
attendu waited

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