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Conjugation of changer

Common conjugations for the French verb changer, and their English translations.

changerto change

Present Indicative
je changeI change
tu changesyou change
il changehe changes
elle changeshe changes
nous changeonswe change
vous changezyou (formal) change
ils changentthey change
elles changentthey change

Imperfect Indicative
je changeaisI was changing
tu changeaisyou were changing
il changeaithe was changing
elle changeaitshe was changing
nous changionswe were changing
vous changiezyou (formal) were changing
ils changeaientthey were changing
elles changeaientthey were changing

Passé Composé
j'ai changéI have changed
tu as changéyou have changed
il a changéhe has changed
elle a changéshe has changed
nous avons changéwe have changed
vous avez changéyou (formal) have changed
ils ont changéthey have changed
elles ont changéthey have changed

Future Indicative
je changeraiI will change
tu changerasyou will change
il changerahe will change
elle changerashe will change
nous changeronswe will change
vous changerezyou (formal) will change
ils changerontthey will change
elles changerontthey will change

je changeraisI would change
tu changeraisyou would change
il changeraithe would change
elle changeraitshe would change
nous changerionswe would change
vous changeriezyou (formal) would change
ils changeraientthey would change
elles changeraientthey would change

Present Subjunctive
je change(... that) I change
tu changes(... that) you change
il change(... that) he changes
elle change(... that) she changes
nous changions(... that) we change
vous changiez(... that) you (formal) change
ils changent(... that) they change
elles changent(... that) they change

change Change!
changeonsLet's change!
changez Change! (pl)

Present Participle
changeant changing

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