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Conjugation of deviner

Common conjugations for the French verb deviner, and their English translations.

devinerto guess

Present Indicative
je devineI guess
tu devinesyou guess
il devinehe guesses
elle devineshe guesses
nous devinonswe guess
vous devinezyou guess
ils devinentthey guess
elles devinentthey guess

Imperfect Indicative
je devinaisI was guessing
tu devinaisyou were guessing
il devinaithe was guessing
elle devinaitshe was guessing
nous devinionswe were guessing
vous deviniezyou were guessing
ils devinaientthey were guessing
elles devinaientthey were guessing

Past Historic
j'ai devinéI guessed
tu as devinéyou guessed
il a devinéhe guessed
elle a devinéshe guessed
nous avons devinéwe guessed
vous avez devinéyou guessed
ils ont devinéthey guessed
elles ont devinéthey guessed

Future Indicative
je devineraiI will guess
tu devinerasyou will guess
il devinerahe will guess
elle devinerashe will guess
nous devineronswe will guess
vous devinerezyou will guess
ils devinerontthey will guess
elles devinerontthey will guess

je devineraisI would guess
tu devineraisyou would guess
il devineraithe would guess
elle devineraitshe would guess
nous devinerionswe would guess
vous devineriezyou would guess
ils devineraientthey would guess
elles devineraientthey would guess

Present Subjunctive
(... que) je devine(... that) I guess
(... que) tu devines(... that) you guess
(... que) il devine(... that) he guesses
(... que) elle devine(... that) she guesses
(... que) nous devinions(... that) we guess
(... que) vous deviniez(... that) you guess
(... que) ils devinent(... that) they guess
(... que) elles devinent(... that) they guess

Imperfect Subjunctive
(... que) je devinasse(... that) I was guessing
(... que) tu devinasses(... that) you were guessing
(... que) il devinât(... that) he was guessing
(... que) elle devinât(... that) she was guessing
(... que) nous devinassions(... that) we were guessing
(... que) vous devinassiez(... that) you were guessing
(... que) ils devinassent(... that) they were guessing
(... que) elles devinassent(... that) they were guessing

devine Guess!
devinonsLet's guess!
devinez Guess! (pl)

Present Participle
devinant guessing

Past Participle
deviné guessed

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