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Conjugation of donner

Common conjugations for the French verb donner, and their English translations.

donnerto give

Present Indicative
je donneI give
tu donnesyou give
il donnehe gives
elle donneshe gives
nous donnonswe give
vous donnezyou (formal) give
ils donnentthey give
elles donnentthey give

Imperfect Indicative
je donnaisI was giving
tu donnaisyou were giving
il donnaithe was giving
elle donnaitshe was giving
nous donnionswe were giving
vous donniezyou (formal) were giving
ils donnaientthey were giving
elles donnaientthey were giving

Passé Composé
j'ai donnéI have given
tu as donnéyou have given
il a donnéhe has given
elle a donnéshe has given
nous avons donnéwe have given
vous avez donnéyou (formal) have given
ils ont donnéthey have given
elles ont donnéthey have given

Future Indicative
je donneraiI will give
tu donnerasyou will give
il donnerahe will give
elle donnerashe will give
nous donneronswe will give
vous donnerezyou (formal) will give
ils donnerontthey will give
elles donnerontthey will give

je donneraisI would give
tu donneraisyou would give
il donneraithe would give
elle donneraitshe would give
nous donnerionswe would give
vous donneriezyou (formal) would give
ils donneraientthey would give
elles donneraientthey would give

Present Subjunctive
je donne(... that) I give
tu donnes(... that) you give
il donne(... that) he gives
elle donne(... that) she gives
nous donnions(... that) we give
vous donniez(... that) you (formal) give
ils donnent(... that) they give
elles donnent(... that) they give

donne Give!
donnonsLet's give!
donnez Give! (pl)

Present Participle
donnant giving

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