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Conjugation of finir

Common conjugations for the French verb finir, and their English translations.

finirto end

Present Indicative
je finisI end
tu finisyou end
il finithe ends
elle finitshe ends
nous finissonswe end
vous finissezyou (formal) end
ils finissentthey end
elles finissentthey end

Imperfect Indicative
je finissaisI was ending
tu finissaisyou were ending
il finissaithe was ending
elle finissaitshe was ending
nous finissionswe were ending
vous finissiezyou (formal) were ending
ils finissaientthey were ending
elles finissaientthey were ending

Passé Composé
j'ai finiI have ended
tu as finiyou have ended
il a finihe has ended
elle a finishe has ended
nous avons finiwe have ended
vous avez finiyou (formal) have ended
ils ont finithey have ended
elles ont finithey have ended

Future Indicative
je finiraiI will end
tu finirasyou will end
il finirahe will end
elle finirashe will end
nous finironswe will end
vous finirezyou (formal) will end
ils finirontthey will end
elles finirontthey will end

je finiraisI would end
tu finiraisyou would end
il finiraithe would end
elle finiraitshe would end
nous finirionswe would end
vous finiriezyou (formal) would end
ils finiraientthey would end
elles finiraientthey would end

Present Subjunctive
je finisse(... that) I end
tu finisses(... that) you end
il finisse(... that) he ends
elle finisse(... that) she ends
nous finissions(... that) we end
vous finissiez(... that) you (formal) end
ils finissent(... that) they end
elles finissent(... that) they end

finis End!
finissonsLet's end!
finissez End! (pl)

Present Participle
finissant ending

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