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Conjugation of jouer

Common conjugations for the French verb jouer, and their English translations.

jouerto play

Present Indicative
je joueI play
tu jouesyou play
il jouehe plays
elle joueshe plays
nous jouonswe play
vous jouezyou (formal) play
ils jouentthey play
elles jouentthey play

Imperfect Indicative
je jouaisI was playing
tu jouaisyou were playing
il jouaithe was playing
elle jouaitshe was playing
nous jouionswe were playing
vous jouiezyou (formal) were playing
ils jouaientthey were playing
elles jouaientthey were playing

Passé Composé
j'ai jouéI have played
tu as jouéyou have played
il a jouéhe has played
elle a jouéshe has played
nous avons jouéwe have played
vous avez jouéyou (formal) have played
ils ont jouéthey have played
elles ont jouéthey have played

Future Indicative
je joueraiI will play
tu jouerasyou will play
il jouerahe will play
elle jouerashe will play
nous joueronswe will play
vous jouerezyou (formal) will play
ils jouerontthey will play
elles jouerontthey will play

je joueraisI would play
tu joueraisyou would play
il joueraithe would play
elle joueraitshe would play
nous jouerionswe would play
vous joueriezyou (formal) would play
ils joueraientthey would play
elles joueraientthey would play

Present Subjunctive
je joue(... that) I play
tu joues(... that) you play
il joue(... that) he plays
elle joue(... that) she plays
nous jouions(... that) we play
vous jouiez(... that) you (formal) play
ils jouent(... that) they play
elles jouent(... that) they play

joue Play!
jouonsLet's play!
jouez Play! (pl)

Present Participle
jouant playing

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