Conjugation of prendre

Common conjugations for the French verb prendre, and their English translations.

prendreto take

Present Indicative
je prendsI take
tu prendsyou take
il prendhe takes
elle prendshe takes
nous prenonswe take
vous prenezyou (formal) take
ils prennentthey take
elles prennentthey take

Imperfect Indicative
je prenaisI was taking
tu prenaisyou were taking
il prenaithe was taking
elle prenaitshe was taking
nous prenionswe were taking
vous preniezyou (formal) were taking
ils prenaientthey were taking
elles prenaientthey were taking

Passé Composé
j'ai prisI have taken
tu as prisyou have taken
il a prishe has taken
elle a prisshe has taken
nous avons priswe have taken
vous avez prisyou (formal) have taken
ils ont pristhey have taken
elles ont pristhey have taken

Future Indicative
je prendraiI will take
tu prendrasyou will take
il prendrahe will take
elle prendrashe will take
nous prendronswe will take
vous prendrezyou (formal) will take
ils prendrontthey will take
elles prendrontthey will take

je prendraisI would take
tu prendraisyou would take
il prendraithe would take
elle prendraitshe would take
nous prendrionswe would take
vous prendriezyou (formal) would take
ils prendraientthey would take
elles prendraientthey would take

Present Subjunctive
je prenne(... that) I take
tu prennes(... that) you take
il prenne(... that) he takes
elle prenne(... that) she takes
nous prenions(... that) we take
vous preniez(... that) you (formal) take
ils prennent(... that) they take
elles prennent(... that) they take

prends Take!
prenonsLet's take!
prenez Take! (pl)

Present Participle
prenant taking

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