Conjugation of regarder

Common conjugations for the French verb regarder, and their English translations.

regarderto look

Present Indicative
je regardeI look
tu regardesyou look
il regardehe looks
elle regardeshe looks
nous regardonswe look
vous regardezyou (formal) look
ils regardentthey look
elles regardentthey look

Imperfect Indicative
je regardaisI was looking
tu regardaisyou were looking
il regardaithe was looking
elle regardaitshe was looking
nous regardionswe were looking
vous regardiezyou (formal) were looking
ils regardaientthey were looking
elles regardaientthey were looking

Passé Composé
j'ai regardéI have looked
tu as regardéyou have looked
il a regardéhe has looked
elle a regardéshe has looked
nous avons regardéwe have looked
vous avez regardéyou (formal) have looked
ils ont regardéthey have looked
elles ont regardéthey have looked

Future Indicative
je regarderaiI will look
tu regarderasyou will look
il regarderahe will look
elle regarderashe will look
nous regarderonswe will look
vous regarderezyou (formal) will look
ils regarderontthey will look
elles regarderontthey will look

je regarderaisI would look
tu regarderaisyou would look
il regarderaithe would look
elle regarderaitshe would look
nous regarderionswe would look
vous regarderiezyou (formal) would look
ils regarderaientthey would look
elles regarderaientthey would look

Present Subjunctive
je regarde(... that) I look
tu regardes(... that) you look
il regarde(... that) he looks
elle regarde(... that) she looks
nous regardions(... that) we look
vous regardiez(... that) you (formal) look
ils regardent(... that) they look
elles regardent(... that) they look

regarde Look!
regardonsLet's look!
regardez Look! (pl)

Present Participle
regardant looking

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