Conjugation of savoir

Common conjugations for the French verb savoir, and their English translations.

savoirto know

Present Indicative
je saisI know
tu saisyou know
il saithe knows
elle saitshe knows
nous savonswe know
vous savezyou (formal) know
ils saventthey know
elles saventthey know

Imperfect Indicative
je savaisI was knowing
tu savaisyou were knowing
il savaithe was knowing
elle savaitshe was knowing
nous savionswe were knowing
vous saviezyou (formal) were knowing
ils savaientthey were knowing
elles savaientthey were knowing

Future Indicative
je sauraiI will know
tu saurasyou will know
il saurahe will know
elle saurashe will know
nous sauronswe will know
vous saurezyou (formal) will know
ils saurontthey will know
elles saurontthey will know

je sauraisI would know
tu sauraisyou would know
il sauraithe would know
elle sauraitshe would know
nous saurionswe would know
vous sauriezyou (formal) would know
ils sauraientthey would know
elles sauraientthey would know

Present Subjunctive
je sache(... that) I know
tu saches(... that) you know
il sache(... that) he knows
elle sache(... that) she knows
nous sachions(... that) we know
vous sachiez(... that) you (formal) know
ils sachent(... that) they know
elles sachent(... that) they know

sache Know!
sachonsLet's know!
sachez Know! (pl)

Present Participle
sachant knowing

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