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Conjugation of travailler

Common conjugations for the French verb travailler, and their English translations.

travaillerto work

Present Indicative
je travailleI work
tu travaillesyou work
il travaillehe works
elle travailleshe works
nous travaillonswe work
vous travaillezyou (formal) work
ils travaillentthey work
elles travaillentthey work

Imperfect Indicative
je travaillaisI was working
tu travaillaisyou were working
il travaillaithe was working
elle travaillaitshe was working
nous travaillionswe were working
vous travailliezyou (formal) were working
ils travaillaientthey were working
elles travaillaientthey were working

Passé Composé
j'ai travailléI have worked
tu as travailléyou have worked
il a travailléhe has worked
elle a travailléshe has worked
nous avons travailléwe have worked
vous avez travailléyou (formal) have worked
ils ont travailléthey have worked
elles ont travailléthey have worked

Future Indicative
je travailleraiI will work
tu travaillerasyou will work
il travaillerahe will work
elle travaillerashe will work
nous travailleronswe will work
vous travaillerezyou (formal) will work
ils travaillerontthey will work
elles travaillerontthey will work

je travailleraisI would work
tu travailleraisyou would work
il travailleraithe would work
elle travailleraitshe would work
nous travaillerionswe would work
vous travailleriezyou (formal) would work
ils travailleraientthey would work
elles travailleraientthey would work

Present Subjunctive
je travaille(... that) I work
tu travailles(... that) you work
il travaille(... that) he works
elle travaille(... that) she works
nous travaillions(... that) we work
vous travailliez(... that) you (formal) work
ils travaillent(... that) they work
elles travaillent(... that) they work

travaille Work!
travaillonsLet's work!
travaillez Work! (pl)

Present Participle
travaillant working

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