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Conjugation of venir

Common conjugations for the French verb venir, and their English translations.

venirto come

Present Indicative
je viensI come
tu viensyou come
il vienthe comes
elle vientshe comes
nous venonswe come
vous venezyou (formal) come
ils viennentthey come
elles viennentthey come

Imperfect Indicative
je venaisI was coming
tu venaisyou were coming
il venaithe was coming
elle venaitshe was coming
nous venionswe were coming
vous veniezyou (formal) were coming
ils venaientthey were coming
elles venaientthey were coming

Future Indicative
je viendraiI will come
tu viendrasyou will come
il viendrahe will come
elle viendrashe will come
nous viendronswe will come
vous viendrezyou (formal) will come
ils viendrontthey will come
elles viendrontthey will come

je viendraisI would come
tu viendraisyou would come
il viendraithe would come
elle viendraitshe would come
nous viendrionswe would come
vous viendriezyou (formal) would come
ils viendraientthey would come
elles viendraientthey would come

Present Subjunctive
je vienne(... that) I come
tu viennes(... that) you come
il vienne(... that) he comes
elle vienne(... that) she comes
nous venions(... that) we come
vous veniez(... that) you (formal) come
ils viennent(... that) they come
elles viennent(... that) they come

viens Come!
venonsLet's come!
venez Come! (pl)

Present Participle
venant coming

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