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Italian Vocabulary: Actions

English Italian Pronounce
to smile sorridere
to laugh ridere
to cry piangere
to nod annuire
to shake your head scuotere la testa
to shake hands stringere la mano
to shake scuotere
to turn svoltare
to look guardare
to listen ascoltare
to smell odorare
to touch toccare
to wave fare ciao con la mano
to bend flettersi
to walk camminare
to run correre
to swim nuotare
to talk parlare
to whisper sussurrare
to sing cantare
to scream gridare
to shout urlare
to yawn sbadigliare
to point indicare
to hold tenere
to grip afferrare
to cross your arms incrociare le braccia
to pull tirare
to hit colpire
to lick leccare
to swallow ingoiare
to eat mangiare
to shrug alzare le spalle
to lie giacere
to stand stare in piedi
to sit sedere
to kneel inginocchiarsi
to blink battere le palpebre
to wink fare l'occhiolino
to sneeze starnutire
to cough tossire
to stretch allungarsi
to slap schiaffeggiare
to punch prendere a pugni
to push spingere
to kick calciare
to rub strofinare
to dance danzare
to drink bere
to taste assaggiare

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