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Swedish Vocabulary: Actions

English Swedish
to smile le
to laugh skratta
to cry gråta
to nod nicka
to shake hands skaka hand
to shake skaka
to look titta
to listen lyssna
to smell lukta
to touch röra
to bend böja
to walk
to run springa
to swim simma
to talk prata
to whisper viska
to scream skrika
to shout skrika
to yawn gäspa
to point peka
to hold hålla
to grip gripa
to pull dra
to hit slå
to lick slicka
to swallow svälja
to eat äta
to shrug rycka på axlarna
to lie ligga
to stand stå
to sit sitta
to kneel knäböja
to blink blinka
to sneeze nysa
to cough hosta
to stretch sträcka
to punch slag
to push skjuta på
to kick sparka
to rub gnida
to dance dansa
to drink dricka
to taste smaka

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